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Dr Sarda is an Orthopaedic surgeon trained in India and UK. He was a consultant in Manchester for a number of years and now provides his expertise in India and abroad. He has accumulated extensive experience in dealing with shoulder and elbow problems ranging from fractures to sports injuries and arthritis. He is therefore able to provide a one stop solution to anyone with these problems.

He has experience of more than 10000 operations and 20 years in Orthopaedics and trauma surgery. He has particular expertise in shoulder and elbow conditions and is an expert in operations for  shoulder dislocation, rotator cuff repair, SLAP tear, elbow arthroscopy, knee arthroscopic procedures etc, in addition to elbow/shoulder arthroplasty and other complex operations like Latarjet procedure, revision of failed joint replacement, and complex trauma. He also has special interest in AC joint dislocations associated with clavicle fractures and has published his results in one of the biggest series of such cases in the world.
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Some common conditions that he treats routinely, include:

DeQuairvain Tenosynovitis (DQ)

Contact the leading sports injury/ arthroplasty surgeon in India

Dr Sarda is at the forefront of treating complex musculoskeletal conditions in the human body. He is  highly-skilled and well-versed with the latest treatment protocols making him one of the best orthopaedic surgeons in Ahmedabad to handle sports injuries, fractures and joint replacement surgery. Our sports injury doctor in Ahmedabad is known to care for each individual patient with utmost care with customised plan. Contacting us means, getting quick support and high co-operation for any patient who suffers from shoulder and elbow pain or fracture. In medical terms, orthopaedic doctors have all the rights to treat patients surgically as well as non-surgically as maybe appropriate.  Dr Sarda has the relevant experience and works in hospital with full-fledged amenities, latest technology, and outstanding infrastructure to deliver the best results to the patients using whatever method is best for them.

His resume and previous work reflects outstanding academic and practical skills!

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Sprain, Fracture or Arthritis? find a One Stop Solutions In Our Clinic

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What Patients Say

“I can move my elbows normally after years!! It feels great to be able to perform routine daily tasks!! Thank you”
I had not expected my recovery to be so quick. thank you!.
“Thanks for the excellent care you provided – you are the best consultant I have ever met!!” PC
Mrs SC
After years, I have regained full painfree shoulder movements after my cuff repair
Mrs GK
“I am extremely grateful for your skill in repairing my shoulder. Thank you”
“Mr Sarda was extremely polite and respectful a pleasure to be treated by”

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