FAQs On Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

What is PRP?

It is a product derived from patient’s own blood. Depending on the system used, 30-60ml of blood is taken from the patient to produce a small amount of PRP that can be then injected around injured tissue.

How does it work?

Platelets are the healing agents in blood. By injecting this platelet rich plasma in injured tissue, it generates growth factors that stimulate and further increase the cells that repair tissue in the body.

Does it help in arthritis of joints?

It is safe to inject inside the joint, but patients should be aware that so far there is no definite evidence that it works in damaged cartilage or arthritis cases.

What is the process if I wish to undergo this procedure at Shreyam Hospital?

At Shreyam Hospital, you get evidence based advice by best qualified orthopaedic surgeon in Ahmedabad. Dr Sarda will assess you and advise if this treatment is suitable for you. A special kit is needed to prepare PRP and the whole process may take around 1.5 hours (from preparation to injection). You may need another 30 minutes to rest and recover. Please be aware that this plasma has to be used fresh and may not be as efficient if stored and used later. It is advisable to plan your time accordingly.

After the procedure, doctor will advise you a period of rest and specific physiotherapy protocol. Usually there are some restrictions on movements for a couple of days to let the injection be fully absorbed.

What is it made of?

It is made from a special process that involves centrifugation and selective filtration of patient’s blood to obtain plasma that is rich in platelets. All the other blood cells are removed.

What conditions is it useful?

It has been found to be particularly useful in sports injury and conditions involving tendon inflammation like rotator cuff tendinits, Tennis or Golfer’s elbow, achilles tendinitis, Quadriceps tendinitis etc. It may not work if the tissue is completely torn, as in ACL tear or full thickness rotator cuff tear.

What is the advantage of PRP?

It is a product derived from your own tissue so chances of side effects or reaction are minimal. It does not effect other systems of the body, can can be repeated as necessary without worry of long term side effects. It also reduced the requirements of painkillers.

Should it be injected blind or with Ultrasound guidance?

Although it can be injected blind, I strongly recommend using Ultrasound guidance because for the injection to work it is important to confirm that it has been injected in the correct area of damaged tendon.

Will I be painfree immediately after the injection?

It is important to know that PRP is nota painkiller. It is a healing agent that takes about 6 weeks for the tissue to heal.